Have you ever participated in a lemon and spoon race?

If you run fast, you drop the lemon. If you’re slow, you lose the race! It is all about maintaining that perfect balance between speed, and safety while maintaining your own footing. Indian regulatory authorities and scientific institutions have confronted a similar challenge: how to create a safe and effective vaccine against the Novel Coronavirus and at the same time, produce speedy results?

In the first episode of the the podcast series ‘Healthy Dose’, Shreya Shrivastava, Research Fellow at the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy is in a conversation with Dr Nilima Kshirsagar National Chair Clinical Pharmacology, ICMR, New Delhi, and with Dr Dhvani Mehta, Lead, Health, and Co-founder of Vidhi to discuss how scientists and regulators deal with this conundrum.

To know more tune in to ‘Vaccines – A Lemon and Spoon Race’ the first episode of the podcast series ‘Healthy Dose’.


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Concept and Script: Yogini Oke and Shreya Shrivastava

Research: Rajashri Seal

Script Editing: Akshat Agarwal

Production: Nithin Shamsudhin Design: Akhil Tom Prakash

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