The enforcement of a robust competition law and policy is imperative to reap the full benefits of a liberalised market-based economy. Given the rapidly evolving nature of markets in India, especially in the wake of digital markets, it is crucial that competition law and policy adapts to ensure that it creates a level playing field for market players of all sizes and nature.

To this end, Vidhi seeks to improve competition law and policy through research, discussion and dissemination of ideas essential to promote and sustain businesses, and balance the same with consumer welfare. One of the first projects produced by Vidhi was an independent report, titled ‘Systematising Fair Play: Key Issues in the Indian Competition Law Regime’ which identifies key structural and procedural issues in the Indian competition law framework.

Vidhi also strives to assist the government, including the nodal ministry for implementation of competition law the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, (MCA) in its efforts to review competition law in India.  To achieve this, Vidhi has provided research assistance to the Competition Law Review Committee (CLRC) set up by the MCA to comprehensively review the Indian competition regime, including drafting assistance for the report published by the CLRC (CLRC Report) which gives various recommendations for amendments to substantive and procedural provisions of the Competition Act, 2002. (Act). Taking forward its work with the CLRC, Vidhi also provided research and drafting assistance to the MCA for the Draft Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2020.

Vidhi’s aim is to continue to produce high quality independent research and to assist and advise Union Ministries, and regulatory bodies including the Competition Commission of India in their efforts to bolster the competition law regime in India.