The Vidhi Virtuous Impact Cycle

The image shows the different types of impact stages that Vidhi considers in its impact model.

Achieving impact in law and policy is a process of research, engagement and commitment. At Vidhi, we believe all impact is tangible and research is meaningful when it is done with the objective of achieving impact. We have explained how we understand our own impact in our virtuous impact cycle. The detailed stories of impact curated in this section provide a deeper insight on how much impact we have achieved through our work.

Impact at a Glance

  • Initiated the bankruptcy law reform process in India and advised the government on the design, drafting, and implementation of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code. 2016 (IBC)
  • Supported the UIDAI in drafting the Aadhaar Act, 2016, which made UIDAI a statutory body that has over time been universally accepted, including by the Supreme Court
  • Successfully intervened in a Supreme Court case on advanced medical directives, now advocating for a holistic end of life care act
  • Assisted the Justice Srikrishna Committee in drafting the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018 - the first comprehensive privacy legislation in India
  • Supported the State government in drafting the Karnataka Innovation Authority Act, now drafting rules & regulations for implementation
  • Advised the government on reforming India's company law regime and helped in the operationalisation of the National Company Law Tribunal
  • Shaping the discourse on judicial reforms through JALDI's (Justice, Access and Lowering Delays in India) empirical research and collaborations with diverse stakeholders to develop implementable solutions
  • Successfully filed a Public Interest Litigation to repeal laws that discriminate against persons affected by leprosy