Building a fair and equitable tax system is the key to establishing a sustainable taxpaying culture and consequently bolstering government revenue. Vidhi’s work facilitates reforms in the Indian tax landscape with the overarching aim to promote social and economic development in India. It aims to provide certainty and stability to taxpayers by simplifying the legal framework, inculcating transparency in the taxation system and minimising the cost of compliance. 

To this end, Vidhi engages with stakeholders, conducts and freely disseminates high-quality primary research, and assists governments as well as statutory and constitutional bodies with research and drafting in the field of taxation. The research focuses on direct taxation, indirect taxation such as goods and service tax, and international taxation.

In the past, Vidhi has provided research and drafting support to the Finance Commission, the Goods and Services Tax Network, the Central Board of Direct Taxes, and the Central Board of Indirect Taxes. It has also collaborated with experts to highlight the challenges faced by the industry in matters such as the levy of tax on the digital economy, and suggested reforms to address these issues. 

Vidhi will continue to design legal reforms that balance the interests of the taxpayer, while meeting the financial needs of the government.