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21 November 2019 | by Report by Judicial Reforms

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This Discussion is about payment of compensation in reducing violence against wildlife in Karnataka.

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November 15, 2019 | Report by Vidhi Aid

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Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy along with the End of Life Care in India Taskforce has drafted a model bill which lays down a rights-based, implementable legal framework that operationalises the Supreme Court’s decision and addresses gaps in the existing guidelines.

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November 08, 2019 by by Judicial Reforms

Sunshine in the Courts Ranking the High Courts on their Compliance with the RTI Act
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After undertaking an extensive analysis on various parameters, the report ranks all the High Courts on their compliance with the RTI Act by devising four indices.

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Independent directors perform functions that are critical to good corporate governance, but the liability-related risks that such directors are faced with seem disproportionate to their role.

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September 03 2019 | Report by Judicial Reform

Budgeting Better for Courts: An Evaluation of the Rs 7460 Crores Released Under the Centrally Sponsored...
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