The integration of information technology continues to deepen across sectors, including education, health, e-commerce, media and entertainment, banking and finance, and further pervades governance and service delivery by governments. This all-pervasive integration of information technology within commerce and society poses new challenges in policy making and governance across sectors.

New accountability frameworks for technology platforms and governments, and specific safeguards for legal rights need to be devised keeping in mind the distinct regulatory and policy foundations of each sector. 

The regulatory and policy issues are wide-ranging, spanning the fields of taxation, competition and market regulation, data governance, labour laws, manufacturing and retail regulation, standard setting, etc. These issues need to be concomitantly considered for the cross-border nature of the internet, the complexities of market regulation for technology platforms, and rapid changes in technology and market standards.

Vidhi is engaged in developing considered research and policy responses for challenges associated with information technology across research areas. These efforts further complement the research developed by the Centre for Applied Law and Technology Research (ALTR) at Vidhi.