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We are at a point of time in India’s history when public faith in institutions of democracy appears to be diminishing again. The long-cherished belief in the judiciary, especially the Supreme Court, as the protector of the common person’s rights has come under the scanner. It is an important moment to start a conversation on how judiciary is and can continue to be a foundational building block of our democracy – both in an attempt to understand the present state of affairs and to offer solutions.

Public Conversation on ‘Master of the Roster – Role of the Chief Justice of India’ is part of The Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy’s series of public conversations titled ‘Conscience Keeper: Judiciary as the Constitutional Guardian’. It is a series of four conversations spread over our Constitutional Law Month.

This discussion covers events of the last few years that have brought the topic of allocation of cases to judges to the fore, how it impacts the working of the judiciary and its public perception, and how the present state of affairs is unsatisfactory and needs reform.

Conversation between:

  • Dr Aparna Chandra, Associate Professor of Law at the National Law School of India University
  • Alok Prasanna, Lead, Vidhi Karnataka
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