Speaker: Leena Bhattacharya, PhD Economics, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research

Host: Nisha Vernekar, Lead and Senior Resident Fellow, Inclusive Education, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy

This podcast series is produced by the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, under the Kotak-Karma Vidhi Inclusive Education programme. The Kotak-Karma Vidhi Inclusive Education programme is a CSR initiative by Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.

This interview series is based and born from Vidhi’s report, “Clearing the Air: A Synthesised Mapping of Out of School Children during COVID-19 in India (April 2020-May 2022)”This report is produced under funding received from Voltas Limited, as part of their CSR Initiative.

Video design and editing by: Asad Ali (Instagram)

Illustration by: Hitesh Sonar

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Research Team: 

Aditya Narayan Rai, Avinash Reddy Pichhili, Kadambari Agarwal, Pooja Pandey, Nisha Vernekar (Inclusive Education Team, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy)

Karan Singhal (University of Luxembourg & Luxembourg Institute of Socioeconomic Research)

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