Right to Privacy in the Digital Age: Children’s Right to Privacy While Using Ed Tech Services

On 7 October 2021, the Human Rights Council adopted resolution 48/4 on “The right to privacy in the digital age” and the Officer of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (“OHCHR”) called for inputs on the same to inform its report “Privacy in the Digital Age”, which is to be released and discussed at its 51st session in 2022. The said Human Rights Council Resolution specifically notes that children are among one of the groups whose right to privacy is particularly affected in the digital age. Building on this understanding, the Inclusive Education Team submitted its inputs to inform the OHCHR report.   
The submission emphasises the importance of acknowledging and addressing rampant violations of children’s right to privacy due to the rapid growth and penetration of Education Technology (“Ed Tech”) services. It delves into the implications of absence of adequate legal and regulatory framework on children’s privacy, education as well as development rights.

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