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The Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy hosted the event ‘Prescribing a Cure: A Discussion on Drug Regulation in India‘ on 14th December 2021.

Prescribing a Cure was a deep dive into the world of Indian drug regulation. In this event, the speakers discussed the practical issues arising out of the current nature of the drug-regulatory framework. Through this conversation, they broke through insider-outsider silos to constructively prescribe ways to improve the drug regulation system in India.


  • K. L. Sharma, Former Joint Secretary, Drug and Food Regulation, Government of India & Author of ‘ Healing the Pharmacy of the World’
  • Katherine Eban, Investigative Journalist & Author of ‘Bottle of Lies’
  • Priyanka Pulla, Science & Health Journalist Dinesh Thakur, Public Health Activist

The session was moderated by Dhvani Mehta, Lead, Health, & Co-Founder, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy.

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