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This edition of Vidhi Dialogues was on the theme “Law, Society & the #MeToo Movement”. Given the tenor of the movement, we felt that there is substantial need to explore its interplay with formal, legal mechanisms.

The panelists for this session are, Anoo Bhuyan (Journalist with The Wire), Kiruba Munusamy (Lawyer & Anti Caste Activist), Mihira Sood (Human Rights Lawyer) and Vqueeram Aditya Sahai (Queer Actvist).

The dicussion broadly covered the –
Role of the media (especially the social media) in the movement.
The Need for due diligence in informal redressal mechanisms.
How the movement can be incorporated in the legal system
How these formal and informal systems have been exclusionary of marginalised communities.

The event was scheduled on 19th nov, 2018 at Lecture Hall 2, Annexe Building, India International Centre.

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