Strengthening Communities and Building Systems

Fifteen legal reforms for a progressive Karnataka

Summary: This briefing book focusses on reforms that will create the most widespread, on-the-ground change for the citizens of Karnataka while also creating or improving avenues that enable them to excel.

We at Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy present our second Briefing Book for the state of Karnataka. This is in keeping with Vidhi’s successful series of briefing books which have contained a host of ideas that have been taken up for action by a number of governmental authorities.

In this second briefing book of suggested legal changes, to strengthen communities, we have chosen three broad themes to structure our suggestions around – education, child development, and women’s empowerment. Some reforms that we suggest are incremental – amending the existing laws on public libraries and the state women’s commission. Other reforms look to build on ideas already in the public domain (rights of women farmers) or seek the creation of entirely new laws (private university regulation).

On systemic and institutional reforms, we have three broad themes– technology, urban development and governance institutions. These too consist of a combination of small and large measures that look to address existing issues (use of government land) and future problems (use of Artificial Intelligence) that the government will have to address.