Host: Sneha Visakha
Edited by: Resonance Studio
Intro Music: Wehrmut by Godmode
Outro Music: Opheliea’s Blues by Audionautix
Assisted by: Vyshnavi Moola

TW – references to women’s unsafety in cities, street harassment

In Part 1 of the second episode of The Feminist City podcast series, we speak to Dr. Sneha Annavarapu, Social Sciences Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago about her work on driving, road safety, gender and class relations in urban India. Some questions we engaged with are – Why do we not see more, or any, women driving autos and cabs? Whose experiences are deemed legitimate knowledge to consider for planning cities? What is the role of sociology in planning cities? How do we understand feminism in the context of cities? 

Explore these questions in the Feminist City podcast series, hosted by Sneha Visakha. 

For background reading, we recommend perusing the literature provided below. 


How to Build a Non-Sexist City, Dolores Hayden

Risky Choices: Women and Cabs in Hyderabad, Dr. Sneha Annavarapu

Where do all the lovers go? The cultural politics of public kissing in Mumbai, India, Dr. Sneha Annavarapu

‘Aap Karthe Mere Saath Sex?’ Dr. Sneha Annavarapu

The Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, 1961

Transgender individuals demand safer, gender-neutral bathrooms in India post-Section 377 verdict, FirstPost

A Feminist Public Restroom, The Safer Sweden Foundation

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