In the podcast series, The Feminist City, we think about the city, explore our relationships with it and examine exclusions within it from a feminist perspective. In paying attention to the big, small and mundane aspects of urban existence, we hope to centre the everyday lives of women, gender and sexual minorities in critically engaging with the city. This is an attempt to delve into what it means for a city to be built on feminist principles, to cultivate feminist imagination and explore pathways to realise it collectively. In this series, we speak to people who think about cities, are invested in feminist politics, and engage themselves in the never-ending task of imagining and realising equitable cities. This is based out of Bangalore, Karnataka.

The Feminist City is hosted by Sneha Visakha, Research Fellow, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, Karnataka. Sneha has a background in law and liberal arts, and is interested in cities, feminist politics and strongly believes in (inter)disciplinary convergences. You can write to her at