Live reporting of court cases has become a common practice by Indian media today. Reporting from courts can only be a good thing given how little people understand about courts; but what if the reporting itself is inaccurate? How do we balance the fairness of the hearing with the requirement of free reporting and live tweeting?

In the second episode of Justify Season 2, Arghya Sengupta speaks with Karan Tripathi of Live Law, and Apurva Vishwanath of The Indian Express on these topics.

Watch out for Vidhi’s legal quiz, CLATTR, at the end of the episode, and stand a chance to win an Amazon voucher. Write in your answer and feedback on the episode to

The correct answer for the CLATTR question in the episode ‘Free Speech in India’ is the phrase ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it’ in ‘Friends of Voltaire’ by Evelyn Beatrice Hall. The winner is Lekhashree LK from NIT Durgapur.

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