‘Low code’ is an approach to programming that avoids repetitive and boilerplate coding work through pre-coded templates. An increasing number of Indian tech startups are using low code.

In this episode of ALTRnative Perspectives, we speak to experts Akshay Rangasai of Appsmith and Siddhant Puri of Retool to understand three main issues: One, the blurry line between low code and the general abstraction of technology. Two, the employment implications of low code – does it free up the time of engineers? Does it threaten some jobs? And three, what this means for the adage “everybody should learn to code” – with templatisation, does everyone really need to learn to code? How can innovation in digital technology arise in this scenario?

ALTRnative Perspectives is a podcast by the Centre for Applied Law and Technology Research, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy. This episode has been developed by Jai Vipra.

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