Impact Report



Clear Filters

2021 started with the devastation of the second wave of Covid-19 with the Delta variant upending our lives. It ended with fears of the Omicron variant wreaking havoc, particularly severely for those who had been spared earlier. Living with Covid-19 is now the reality we must accept and prepare for. 

Of all the lessons Covid-19 has taught us as law and policy researchers, if we had to select one it would be the need to think and act local. In a range of sectors, if India is to remain resilient and grow, it must strengthen its grassroots governance, empower its states and local bodies and ultimately support communities in their journey towards self-reliance and prosperity. 

Much of our focus at Vidhi in the last year has been in increasing our presence in state capitals. We have been clear from Day 1, that if good laws matter at the Union level, they matter even more at the state and local level where they have a real, direct impact on people. 

Our Impact Report captures the key highlights of our work in the last year. What we are particularly proud of in this Report is our Virtuous Impact Cycle which is a methodologically robust way to measure the impact our work has had. This, together with a some select impact stories, will give you the unmistakable flavour of what makes Vidhi distinct from any other thought leadership organisation in India—we think originally, we engage with all stakeholders fairly and most importantly we make sure that our research transcends the realm of ideas to become actual, implementable law and policy.