Daksh Aggarwal

Daksh is a Research Fellow with the Corporate Law and Financial Regulation team at Vidhi. He recently completed his Master of Corporate Law degree from the University of Cambridge. At the University, he was also associated with two projects of the Cambridge Pro Bono Project. As a researcher, he scrupulously: a) investigated how international sanctions applied against Myanmar can serve as an alternate avenue for international justice; and b) assisted the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in ascertaining the State’s liability when environmental harm is caused by a third party. Recognising his contribution to the Project, the Faculty of Law awarded him the Platinum Award (the highest recognition). Previously, he worked as a legal trainee under the tutelage of Mr Sanyat Lodha, Advocate-on-Record, Supreme Court of India. He graduated with a law degree from the Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. His areas of interest include antitrust law, constitutional law, cryptocurrency law and regulation, and insolvency law.