Aayush Mallik

Aayush is a Project Fellow working at Vidhi, Delhi. His interest lies in the legal and structural design of public institutions - particularly the executive government and administrative agencies- with the objective of improving state capacity. He has advised Ministers, Parliamentarians, Legislative Assembly Members, bureaucrats and regulators on legal implications of executive proposals, litigation strategy relating to state policies, and questions around federal administration in India.  Prior to joining Vidhi, Aayush worked as a Chief Minister’s Urban Leaders Fellow with the Government of Delhi, as a Law Clerk to a Supreme Court judge, and as a LAMP Fellow to a Member of Parliament in Lok Sabha. With combined experiences across the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary, Aayush's primary focus remains at the intersection of law and government structure. Aayush graduated from NALSAR, Hyderabad in 2018. He is a Madhubani artist with his own entrepreneurial venture, an un-trained but avid singer, enjoys cooking, and is an aspiring mixologist.