Right to Privacy in the Digital Age: Submissions to UN OHCHR Resolution 48/4

The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) had passed Resolution 48/4, in November 2021, on the issue of the right to privacy and the challenges it faces in the growing digital world. Following that resolution, the OHCHR solicited inputs from practitioners, civil society members, researchers, and other stakeholders for its thematic report on the same issue. The Centre for Applied Law & Technology Research has made this submission covering the Indian landscape. The submission covers four broad issues – first, the challenges regarding children’s privacy in India and how far the proposed PDP Bill will address these; second, the limitations of notice-and-consent frameworks in the tech age, which have traditionally been used to safeguard individual privacy and informational autonomy; third the risks of arbitrary use of facial recognition (FRT) by Indian law enforcement; and lastly, targeted surveillance using emerging technologies.