India Justice Report 2019

A ranking of Indian states and the robustness of their justice systems

Summary: The report, a first of its kind empirical ranking exercise for Indian states, studies the police, judiciary, prisons, and legal aid to paint a comprehensive picture of a state's justice system.

The India Justice Report 2019 is a first of its kind pan-Indian ranking amongst states on their respective capacities under the four pillars of the justice system, namely the police, the judiciary, legal aid, and prisons. The ranks have been curated on the basis of more than 70 individual metrics. Vidhi was one of the partner organisations working with Tata Trust, on this report. The chapter on the Judiciary ranklist was co-authored by Ameen Jauhar and Diksha Sanyal, along with researchers from Daksh. Dr. Arghya Sengupta was part of the steering committee of this study.