Dec 2023

The Green Mandate Season 2, Ep. 5: ‘Political Ecology of Forests’ with Mr. Pradyut Bordoloi (Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha)

Thursday, 21 Dec 2023, 6:00 pm-Thursday, 21 Dec 2023, 7:30 pm
The Green Mandate Season 2, Ep. 5: ‘Political Ecology of Forests’ with Mr. Pradyut Bordoloi (Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha) in conversation with Debadityo Sinha on December 21, Lecture Room-1, IIC Annexe 6 PM

The Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy and Rainmatter Foundation invites you to the fifth episode of THE GREEN MANDATE Season-2, focusing on ‘Political Ecology of Forests’. The episode features a live conversation with Mr Pradyut Bordoloi, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha from Nowgong) and Former Cabinet Minister, Assam. The conversation will take place at Lecture Room-I, India International Centre-Annexe, New Delhi on 21st December 2023 .

About the Discussion

Forests have played a pivotal role in shaping human history, intricately woven into the fabric of our societies, economies, and the well-being of our ecosystems. The very essence of a forest has undergone profound transformations, influenced by human needs and evolving perceptions. From the colonial times to post-independence, the governance and management of Indian forests have been markedly impacted by economic policies and the developmental agenda of governments.

In 1976, a significant shift occurred when forests were moved from the State list to the Concurrent list of the Constitution, granting the Union government the authority to legislate on forest matters. This transition gave rise to the Forest (Conservation) Act (FCA) of 1980, mandating states to seek permission from the Centre for any forest usage. Subsequently, the newly established Union Ministry of Environment and Forest revised the National Forest Policy in 1988, placing a strong emphasis on forest protection for environmental stability and the preservation of ecological balance. It emphasized that direct economic benefits should be secondary to these overarching goals. While the FCA succeeded in slowing the deforestation rate in the country, India remains second only to Brazil in terms of deforestation. The 2023 amendments to the FCA have faced widespread criticism from conservationists and scientists, and claimed to be favoring development over the preservation of natural forests. Few northeastern states have even passed resolutions against these amendments in their respective state assemblies.

In this episode of The Green Mandate, Debadityo Sinha, Lead- Climate & Ecosystems at Vidhi will be in conversation with Mr Pradyut Bordoloi, Member of Parliament from Nowgong, Assam discussing how political agendas and economic policies impact the state of forests in India. Drawing on his personal experiences, Mr. Bordoloi, will be sharing his insights as a politican who is deeply involved in matters related to forests, wildlife and climate change as a Member of Parliament and former cabinet Minister in Assam government. He was also part of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Forest (Conservation) Amendment Bill of 2023 and one of the six members of the Committee who filed dissent note. 

About the Speaker

Mr. Pradyut Bordoloi is a sitting Lok Sabha MP from Nowgong, Assam. He is a current member of the Standing Committee of Petroleum and Natural Gas, as well as the Consultative Committee of the Ministry of Power, New and Renewable Energy. A former state legislature and cabinet minister for three terms, Mr. Bordoloi held various crucial portfolios such as power, industries & commerce and environment and forest. A graduate from Cotton College, Guwahati, Mr. Bordoloi went on to complete his M.A and M.Phil from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Passionate about wildlife and biodiversity conservation especially in the North East, Mr. Bordoloi was the first politician in India to be awarded the prestigious Venu Menon National Animal Award for Leadership Conservation. He is committed to raising issues relating to climate change, conservation and sustainability through Parliament and beyond. 

About The Green Mandate

THE GREEN MANDATE provides a platform for an in-depth conversation on such issues affecting current conservation challenges and aims at developing a more profound public discourse on the law and policy aspects of it. Watch the previous episodes of The Green Mandate here.

The Climate and Ecosystems team at Vidhi is supported by the Rainmatter Foundation and Sandeep Singhal.


21st December 2023, Thursday, 18.00-19.30 HRS (IST)

India International Centre- Annexe, Lecture Room-I, Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi 110003

17.30 hrs: Tea and Snacks

18.00 hrs: Introduction of the Speaker

18.10 hrs: Discussion with Mr Pradyut Bordoloi

19.00 hrs: Q&A Session with Audience

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