The Vidhi Aid Initiative works in the areas of education, environment and health. It aims to bridge the gap between legislative and judicial institutions and civil society organisations (CSOs) to ensure better governance through implementable legal frameworks.

The main focus of Vidhi Aid’s work across its three subject areas is the enforcement and implementation of legal rights. It seeks to achieve this through independent legal research, assistance to CSOs and strategic public interest litigation. Some of the specific issues that Vidhi Aid will be working on in the coming year are:

Education:  Effective implementation of the Right to Education Act; harmonisation of the Act with other laws such as the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016.

Environment: Strengthening monitoring and enforcement mechanisms under existing environmental laws, developing new regulatory tools for compliance, strengthening liability regimes.

Health: Improving drug regulation; evaluating rights-based approaches to health; medical law and ethics.


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