India is a federal republic and the Constitution makers chose to empower the states with plenary legislative powers in a large number of matters. The State of Karnataka is one of the most diverse states of India with each region differing from the other in not just language, culture and history, but also levels of social and economic development. Since 2017, Vidhi Karnataka has been engaging with the Karnataka State Government on issues of urban development, municipal governance, judicial reforms, and law and technology. The Vidhi Karnataka office is also carrying out independent research on the same areas, as also the environment, wildlife, social welfare and police reforms.

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Aditya Ranjan

Aditya is a Research Fellow working with the Judicial Reforms and Environmental Law Team at Vidhi, Karnataka. He graduated from Institute of Law, Nirma University, in 2018. Prior to Vidhi, he worked in Jharkhand as a Policy Consultant for a regional political party, where he tackled issues pertaining to environmental law, forest rights, election laws and local self-government. He has previously interned with Newslaundry, Childline India Foundation, the Rethink Aadhaar Campaign and with Adv. Nitya Ramakrishnan. While working in Jharkhand he has authored a critique on the implementation of District Mineral Fund in the state. He enjoys collecting stamps and expressing himself through slam poetry.
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Akhileshwari Reddy

Akhileshwari Reddy is a Research Fellow at Vidhi, Karnataka. Her main areas of work revolve around the protection of human rights and the environment.
She graduated with a B.A., L.LB (Hons.) from the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (WBNUJS, Kolkata) in 2016 and went on to complete her Masters in Human Rights Law at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in 2017 on the Marchant Foundation Scholarship and the LSE Master’s Award. She writes regularly for the Down to Earth Magazine and has written for various journals on human rights issues in India. She is an avid reader and especially enjoys reading fantasy fiction. 
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Alok Prasanna

Alok Prasanna Kumar is Senior Resident Fellow and Team Lead, Vidhi Karnataka. His areas of research include Judicial Reforms, Constitutional law, Urban Development, and Law and Technology.
He graduated with a B.A. LL.B. (Hons) from the NALSAR University in 2008 and obtained the BCL from the University of Oxford in 2009. He writes a monthly column for the Economic and Political Weekly and has published in the Indian Journal of Constitutional Law and National Law School of India Review apart from media outlets such as The Hindu, Indian Express, Scroll, Quint and Caravan. He has practiced in the Supreme Court and Delhi High Court from the chambers of Mr Mohan Parasaran, and currently also co-hosts the Ganatantra podcast on IVM Podcasts.
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Deepika Kinhal

Deepika Kinhal is a Senior Resident Fellow at Vidhi Karnataka and leading JALDI. Her areas of interest are judicial reforms, legal-technology and women and child rights. At Vidhi, she has undertaken multiple projects studying court management systems across different levels of judicial hierarchy. She considers tackling government litigation as one of the key ways of addressing judicial overload and is working with the Government of Karnataka in this regard.
She graduated from NLSIU, Bangalore, in 2012, and subsequently she has worked at CAM (real estate and capital markets) and Dua Associates (litigation team). She is a co-founder of an online dispute resolution platform and takes keen interest in legal-technology solutions. She regularly writes in leading newspapers on judiciary and collaborates with other CSOs to increase legal awareness. She is a trained Carnatic singer with a brief stint at All India Radio and in kannada movies.  
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Shashank Atreya

Shashank Atreya is a Research Fellow at Vidhi, Karnataka.  He works primarily with the Karnataka Government to advice various departments in the areas of  municipal governance, urban development, urban transport and education.
He is a graduate of law and business administration from the School of Law, Christ University, in 2017. In his past assignments, Shashank worked as an Associate with Chase-India, a public policy consulting firm in Delhi. 
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Sneha Visakha

Sneha is a Research Fellow at Vidhi, Karnataka working on Urban Development and Municipal Governance. She is interested in feminist and queer jurisprudence, critical legal studies and socio-legal research.

She is a 2015 law graduate from ILS Law College, Pune and subsequently, pursued a postgraduate diploma in liberal studies from Ashoka University. She has previously worked at the Chairman’s office, Quality Council of India on multiple projects with the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas and Ministry of Railways. Prior to joining Vidhi, she has worked at the Hyderabad Urban Lab, researching legal and policy aspects of conservation of urban heritage in the city.