Parliamentary Productivity Index: Measuring Disruptions in the Indian Parliament

In July, 2016, Vidhi released a Report relating to Disruptions in the Indian Parliament. In this report, we studied the debates over the Monsoon and Winter Sessions of the Parliament, to understand the structural and substantive reasons behind the disruptive activity observed in its sessions. We also studied cross-jurisdictional practices relating to Parliamentary practice and procedure, as well as the debates conducted in these countries, wherever accessible. In conclusion, we identified some key reasons why disruptions are so prevalent, and suggested reformatory measures to move towards higher levels of productivity and constructive debate in the Parliament. Additionally, we observed and discussed best practices in other jurisdictions which would also contribute to better and constructive Parliamentary debates.  

As a follow up to the Report, we have now sought to create an index, which measures the quantitative and qualitative aspects of Parliamentary debate. Taking the Question Hour as a representative sample, this index measures the productivity of the Lok Sabha over a period of 100 days. We have also suggested measures to identify the most disruptive members. 


alt : Parliamentary-Productivity-Index_Vidhi