Content Editor

Nyaaya is a legal-tech initiative, created by the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy and ideated by Rohini Nilekani, to make India's laws easier to understand.

We are on a mission to provide an accessible, intuitive, and user-friendly platform to explain the law on various topics, and we are looking for passionate content editors, fluent in English, who want to contribute.

Role Description

You will be responsible for ensuring that all the content that goes up on the Nyaaya website is smart, clean, easy-to-understand and accurate. You will be working with content writers to ensure that the nuances of the law are explained accurately and are easy to comprehend for the average person who has no legal background.

Lay person’s grasp of the English language will be the main perspective through which you will be doing the edits. If you are that person who hates jargon words (think "acquiesce" and "discourse"),  points out errors in other people’s vocabulary on social media and if typos cause your blood pressure to rise, then we are looking for you!

Essential Requirements

  • A degree in English (Hons.) or any other degree related to the English Language
  • Minimum two years of work experience
  • Adept in identifying and correcting grammatical as well as contextual errors.
  • Ability to turn untidy, long form text into smooth, clear, and concise wording
  • Ability to work in a cross-functional team.

What’s in it for you?

  • Working in a small dynamic team where equal importance is given to different functions across tech, content, design, and marketing.
  • A non-hierarchical work environment, and opportunities to ideate solutions and execute them.
  • You will be reading more laws than you would have probably needed to for a lifetime!
  • Salaries will be competitive and commensurate with experience and relevant qualifications, in the range of Rs.65k-75k per month


Other Information

This is a Delhi based position, but we are open to remote working arrangements if you can make your case well enough.

How to Apply?

Fire in your CV, and two writing samples of your work to Last date for applications is 25th November. Please mention the role applied for in the subject of the mail. Only selected candidates will be informed.