Call for Applications (UI/UX Designer)

The Nyaaya team is seeking a UI/UX Designer able to create and deliver user-centric experiences for customer facing as well as internal web based tools we are developing


New Delhi (but open to remote)


Contract / Project based


October 31, 2017

About Nyaaya

Nyaaya’s mission is to demystify India’s laws and we aim to accomplish that by

  • Transforming laws into queryable discrete data
  • Offering easy to find layperson’s description of Indian laws to help answer
    ∙ What is this law about?
    ∙ What is the legal understanding/definition of a scenario?
    ∙ What legal actions are available for a scenario?
    ∙ What steps should a person take to carry out a legal action?
    ∙ What legal authorities to approach to perform a step?
  • Provide awareness of consequences under the law
  • Help users talk to an expert at any point for help/guidance
  • Support all official languages of Indian states in what we do

Job Summary

The ideal candidate should have experience with UI/UX design for customer facing content heavy websites as well as internal workflows and end-users including content management and analysis, taxonomy/tagging management, publishing, search tuning and online community management/moderation.

Preference will be given to those who have successfully completing complex projects involving all stages of modern experience design—from problem analysis and research to high fidelity mockups and detailed specifications.

Key Qualifications

  • Expert in a broad range of UX skills including information architecture, interaction design and UI design.
  • Mastery of Sketch, Photoshop, Keynote, Illustrator, and other common design and prototyping tools.
  • Passionate about user-centered design.
  • Experience creating flow diagrams, wireframes, mockups and prototypes.
  • Experience working directly with developers to ensure the successful implementation of a design specifications.
  • A strong portfolio demonstrating a history of creating great web and mobile designs
  • Expertise in service design, taxonomy, information architecture, user testing, interactive design.
  • Experience creating UX artifacts including journey maps, site maps, affinity diagrams, flow charts, wireframes, and mockups using modern tools and techniques.
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills.
  • Experience with accessibility, localization and internationalization.

Role Description

  • Gathering input from stakeholders, content team and tech team on prioritized list of features that we want to deliver and using your extensive user experience design knowledge and industry experience to design the experience.
  • Creating design artifacts such as wireframes, prototypes and others to help communicate the design approach for the purposes of gaining alignment.
  • Creating highly detailed, well documented design specifications that enable developers to implement a customer facing site to house laws and their explanations
  • Design internal facing admin tool to add/modify/delete content that will support multiple languages
  • Applying best practices with strong consideration for accessibility, scalability, and ease of maintenance.


50 - 80K


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