Speeches and Video: A Conversation on Cooperative Federalism

On 23rd September, 2015, Vidhi organized A Conversation on Cooperative Federalism’. The theme of the event was centred on Vidhi’s second briefing book on Cooperative Federalism – From Rhetoric to Reality. 

The book was released by Dr. Y. V. Reddy (former Governor, RBI and Chairperson of the 14th Finance Commission) and Justice (Retd.) B. N. Srikrishna (former Supreme Court Judge and Chairman of the Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission). The event started with a welcome address by Dr. A. S. Ganguly followed by speeches from Dr. Reddy and Justice Srikrishna.


In his speech, Dr. Y. V. Reddy shared many of his experiences during his years in office and was optimistic in his remarks. He said that although the frustration over delay in GST is understandable, considerable progress has been made during the past 50 years. Adding that the practice of federalism has empowered states, he said that “States are being encouraged to compete, to perform and deliver.”

Dr. Reddy's complete speech can be accessed here.

Justice B. N. Srikrishna spoke about the history of federalism. He derived facts from the United States’ adoption of federalist structure in 1787, and the concept of confederation in Greece. He said that the Indian Constitution has consciously adopted federalism, and that “federalism in India developed in an asymmetrical manner…with both vertical and horizontal imbalances.” He pointed out that federalism can succeed only if there is a strong sense of unity underlining the individual diversities.

Justice Srikrishna's complete speech can be accessed here.


You can also watch the entire event below:

And finally, a link to our Briefing Book is here.