With the 2019 General Elections fast approaching, election coverage from 24×7 news channels and other media has inundated our lives. The current political discourse continues to be dominated by the cult of personality, caste-arithmetic, and political rhetoric. Even issues of policy and governance, when discussed, are dominated by representatives from the government and political parties. It is imperative that the public discourse around election time be informed by non-partisan, expert opinion on policy issues that matter.

In an attempt to modify traditional electionspeak, the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy aims to bring an expert-focus on significant issues of policy and governance through its Reframing ElectionSpeak Campaign. In the coming weeks and months, we will be undertaking several initiatives to this end, including podcasts, an op-ed series and a manifesto series. The themes will range from issues of structural reform to progressive ideas that are essential for building a modern India. Watch this space!