This project is an independent research project of the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, which aims to study the digital transformation of the news ecosystem and encourage bipartisan collaboration on finding solutions to challenges posed in this transformation.

The growth of technology has led to fundamental disruptions in the production, consumption and distribution of news. News aggregators, that is, applications which host a collection of links to other sources but do not produce their own content, are critical to this disruption. The impact of this disruption on the economic sustainability of journalism presents significant consequences for transparency and accountability in a democratic society. As part of this project, we shall be using this page to share research which we believe should inform public discourse on the issue.

The survey on this page is intended to evaluate user behaviour in the transformed news ecosystem. Your participation in this survey would help inform research on an issue of significant public interest, and will take less than 5 minutes of your time. The survey attempts to measure how users behave in their interactions with news aggregator applications, which informs the nature of the relationship between aggregators and content producers. This is crucial to understanding how the business models of journalism might evolve in our society. We would be highly grateful if you took out some of your time to complete this survey.