State Liability in Tort

Reports by Public Law · June 21, 2015
Author(s): Debanshu Mukherjee and Anjali Anchayil

The concept of the State has undergone a vast transformation from a form of political organisation to that of an entity that closely interacts with its citizens in a number of areas. In its interactions with citizens, the State can affect the lives of people, sometimes causing harm to their lives and property through the wrongdoing of its servants. In this report, Vidhi Fellows Debanshu Mukherjee and Anjali Anchayil examine the law on State liability for tortious acts of the State’s servants. The report traces the evolution of Indian law, studies the law in practice and relies on international best practices to underscore the need for large-scale reforms.

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About Debanshu Mukherjee:

Debanshu is part of the founding team at Vidhi and leads its Corporate Law and Financial Regulation vertical. He graduated from the Hidayatullah National Law University and completed his graduate studies at Harvard University and the University of Oxford. He attended Harvard Law School as a Fulbright- Nehru Fellow where he was awarded the Irving Oberman Memorial Writing Prize in Bankruptcy and the Dean's Scholar Prize in Corporations. He has advised the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the RBI and the IBBI on projects relating to bankruptcy, corporate law, and financial regulation. He was previously a lawyer with AZB & Partners. Link to full bio

About Anjali Anchayil:

Anjali worked as Associate Fellow with Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy.